Whether alone, a couple, family or a group, outdoor-shoes, bicycle, horseriders, motorbikers, quads, 4x4 or tourist rally, the Morvan region will delight you with its diversity.

Man has preserved the genuine nature of an area rich in fauna and flora, making it available to visitors in search of peace and quiet. Come relax and enjoy the natural local products that are the pride of our artisan producers.

L'Auberge du Morvan, is situated on the paths of the following tours:

The great Morvan crossing mountain bike (GTM), the GR 13, GR countries, the Bibracte-Alesia, The Equestrian Tour

Start in the center of our village, small circuits are marked in yellow, supported free brochure with the map to discover the facets of our heritage.


Les 6 Lacs du Morvan:

  1. Le lac de Pannecière: (520 ha)

  2. Le lac des Settons: (360 ha)

  3. Le Lac du Crescent (165 ha)

  4. Le Lac de saint-Agnan: (140 ha)

  5. Le Lac de Chaumeçon: (135 ha) 

  6. Lac de Chamboux (65 ha)